I was curious about all the news on CBD oil so I stopped in to the Corner Store Apothecary and was highly impressed by the staff. This young man took his time and educated me on all the benefits and how CBD oil works. I ended up buying the muscle warming rub with CBD oil in it. I have been living with back pain for 10 years now and this product definitely gives me the best relief I have found to date. As a matter of fact that's what motivated me to write this review. I forgot to apply this morning and I am now sitting at my computer with a sore back... It works! They also have many other products for other ailments. I hope this helps someone out there living with pain. Thanks

Scott M.

I have been using cbd drops, capsules and balm for three weeks now. I cannot explain the reluef and joy to be pain free. I can get up without pain, sleep through the night and no more excruciating leg cramps. My back and knees feel so much better.

Terry R.

Very welcoming & informative. Bought the rub as I have terrible arthritis in my back, started putting on 3 times a day & am down to once a day! I love it & would recommend....this store has very friendly & knowledgeable team members!!

Brenda A.

Beautiful sparkling crispy clean store with an aromatic bliss lingering in you memories.

Randy R.

They are very knowledgeable about their products. Love everything in and about their store i hope they stay a long time.i recommend it to all my friends and take them there when i can.ive tried their salve and their oil and they help ease the joint or achy pain alot.

Karen M.

I've dealt with the owners brother and he is so awesome. He's helped me out in a tight pinch. I highly recommend this place!

Billie B.

Love the people and the knowledge and willing to help. I have dealt with daily pain in my back and hip since a car accident. Bought the rub and used it that night and was able to just jump out of bed in the morning. The best part is that I have NEVER gotten this relief from any prescription. I also bought the oil for anxiety to see if it helps with high blood pressure to get away from using prescription meds. Have an appt with dr in August and have very high expectations. Already helps with my anxiety and don't have to keep moving. I CAN relax. There is help naturally without all the side effects of prescription drugs. A hats off to you Corner Store Apothecary & More for all the good work you do to help people get the most quality out of their life!!!! I am definitely a life time customer.

Melissa E.

Due to chronic pain in my hip/thigh/lower back I bought the hemp oil 3 weeks following an epidural. The injection did not provide any relief. I am also taking gabapentin as of 2 weeks ago prescribed by my neurologist. I started adding hemp oil to my daily ritual and now I have serious relief from my pain! I realize others are swapping out their pharmaceuticals for cbd oil but I am just getting started with it. I want to see how things work out long term. I am very impressed so far.

Jill H.

I am so in love with this place and the people...I feel as if I could be a poster child for the rub and the oil ...I have had issues with the circulation in my legs at my first visit Kym asked if she could rub some on my legs and instantly I felt relief, I purchased a mid sized tin and once it was gone I returned for the large one...and at this time I also purchased the oil, I use it just once a day at bed time and am no longer taking my prescribed sleeping med. Most importantly is the change in my legs..the discoloration is visibly gone...my family took notice instantly upon visiting me...and my mobility is much improved.

Bonita M.

Amazing people. Very open about their own health issues and very knowledgeable about ours. I got the muscle rub (recommend to everyone btw), a patch to try, and also hemp oil. I said just the other day that I have come to this is just the normal in my life. Before I came in I went and got a massage that most people would not even be able to handle to break up muscle tissue that turned into huge knots. I took a dose of the oil and rubbed the muscle rub on last night. Right away I noticed a huge difference in my back and neck. This morning I was sore but I have no headache or migraine which comes with the muscles knots. My neck doesn't hurt. Nothing really hurts. I feel so much better. Tonight I'm going to try the patch. Again, thank you so much for what you do.

Christi S.

I went in there 2 weeks ago and was really impressed by the look of the store, the displays, the inventory, the knowledge of the product and the customer service. I bought the oil. A once a week migraine, sometimes lasting up to 3 days, is at this point down to 1 in 13 days and it lasted a day and I was able to work. Thank you!

Kathy L.

Great place and nice people no pushy sales. I work for a local moving company so my back muscles and my shoulders are always hurting I was told to come and check the corner store out which I did purchased warming muscle rub I put it on my back and my shoulders in the morning and it makes me feel like I'm ready to rock and roll through the whole day my back and my shoulders are not feeling fatigued I am definitely coming back for more muscle rub.

Lucio F.

Staff knows their products well, and can recommend exactly what you need. I'm 8 months pregnant and work 45 hour weeks on my feet....their CBD muscle rub has been a life saver for me! It can be applied anywhere on your body for INSTANT relief that lasts all day. (Smells delicious too!) Lots of cute handmade gift ideas for a reasonable price. Nothing but good things to say about this shop!

Kalyn C.

I was JUST in your beautiful establishment and will absolutely be returning! I explained to the gentleman behind the counter that I've been dealing with a debilitating migraine for the past 3 days and he showed me a variety of products to try. Extremely knowledgeable and certainly passionate about what he does. Highly recommend this store!

Mandy G.

I am amazed with how educated Jordan was on CBD oil showed us all of their products couldn't believe there are more ways to treat medical problems with a more natural approach! Thank you Jordan for your help! I'll be back for some lotion thanks to your informative education!

Kate V.

I suffer from chronic pain and I made a trip to Cedar Rapids to talk to Kym and pick up some CBD patches. I had relief within minutes and my stress seemed to deminish, I seriously felt the most relaxed in as long as I can remember. Love not having to deal with the side effects of the narcotics I have been taking for years.

Dawn B.

The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable and so helpful. The first time entering the store I left with the muscle rub and 2 pain patches. LIFE CHANGING!! I went back the following day to purchase the oil, a bigger tin of the muscle rub and more pain patches. I've had more relief over the last 3 days than a year of Oxycodone. I'm not entirely pain free, but the improvement is absolutely unbelievable. According to Fitbit I had 17 minutes of restlessness compared to the 200-400 minutes I was experiencing. I'm anxious to become the "real" me again. I can't thank you enough for having this shop and products available.

Trisha R.

Great store very warm, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere no pushy sales pitches. Kym was very knowledgeable explained the different pain relief products. I bought the transdermal patch put it on last night very comfortable could not even tell I was wearing it. Woke this morning many of my usual aches and pain were either gone. I will be back!

Patrick K.

This store is awesome... has so many homeopathic remedies..... and locally owned. #support this place! Left with the lotion and large can of the rub. The first application lasted at least 6 hours. Usually have to take ibuprofen and muscle relaxer by now. Not tonight and hopefully no more.

Sasha L.

I picked up some hemp soap and lotion. In one week of using once each day, the rough red bumpy patches on my upper arms are smooth, soft and clear. I am so happy with the products and the service is outstanding! They care about you and what your needs and concerns are. I'll be back!

Lauri H.

These are my people...One visit in and feel like they are apart of my family...Always checking to see how my mom is doing and excited to know these products are truly a miracle. Thank you so much!

Kristen J.

There is an ATM inside if you need it. The owners are incredibly kind and informative, as well as willing to share their story with you. Thank you!

Elias S.

Very friendly and helpful staff. Lots of Cool stuff besides CBD. I enjoyed browsing. They don't accept credit cards but there is an ATM on the premises.

Gail B.

My name is April Kalmoni (Overhulser). I am 29 years old. Since about 11 years old, I've suffered from debilitating migraines that caused me to miss countless days of school. Around 14 years of age, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder; both of which medications barely seemed to have an effect on.

In January 2015, I underwent a spinal fusion surgery between vertebrae L5-S1. 2 years later, the pain is still there and was then diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome. No prescription or OTC medications worked to ease any minute amount of pain.

Since I started taking CBD oil about 6 months after my surgery, I thought I'd discovered the holy grail. My pain was gone, and I could finally pick up my then 2 year old without agonizing pain. Below is a collaborative list of both my physical and mental health issues:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Chronic Migraines
Chronic pain
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
FBSS (Failed Back Surgery Syndrome).

All of these mental and physical disorder symptoms have been significantly decreased since I began CBD oil treatment. Considering we have more endocannabinoid receptors than any other type of receptors in the brain, I've found this wonderful, natural treatment to be beneficial from both a personal and professional standpoint.

I highly recommend everyone to research the benefits of CBD oil as it relates to both mental and physical ailments they are attempting to seek some relief from. Corner Store Apothecary & More is the number one go to place for all of my medicines and the number one place I would absolutely recommend others to in order to not only learn more, but to possibly discover cbd treatments that would be beneficial to themselves as well.

April Kalmoni, CMA, B.S Psychology.

April K.